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Commercial Window Tinting Dallas is proud to serve business owners in the Dallas metro area. We provide window tinting solutions for Dallas schools, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, and numerous other types of commercial structures.

Whether your goal is to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your Fort Worth office or you’re looking for a security, privacy, or decorative window film, we can provide you with the solution you and dramatically enhance the appearance and performance of your building. Our window film contractors can help you save money while achieving more.


Dallas’ Window Tinting Experts

You will see exactly why Commercial Window Tinting Dallas is the area’s leading window tint installer from your first inquiry. Our customer service is top-notch, our prices are affordable and competitive, and our accuracy and precision is unmatched.

We operate with a team of dedicated project managers, technicians, and installers who are equipped with all the necessary knowledge and skill to get your project done on budget and on time! As Dallas’ number one window film company, we have the solutions that you need. Call our office today to schedule your free consultation and explore window tinting options for your space.

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Commercial Window Tinting Dallas!

Commercial Window Tinting Dallas is proud to have served the Dallas/Fort Worth region of Texas for over ten years. We are Dallas’s commercial window tinting experts with vast experience in film applications of all kinds: security to energy savings and daylight redirecting to decorative. No matter what your commercial tint needs, our high-performance films and extensive industry knowledge will translate to more profit for your commercial investment.

Our close partnerships with industry leading manufacturers has given us the reputation as Dallas’ most trustworthy window tinting contractor. We put our customers first before all else and are always willing to go above and beyond to meet their needs. Whether this is your first time investing in window film or you’re looking to replace your existing tint, we’d love to hear from you. Call us today to set an appointment for a free consultation!

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Commercial Window Tinting Dallas is acclaimed for providing innovative, affordable window film solutions for both residential and commercial applications. We’re proud to help our community transform dysfunctional, existing rooms into practical, comfortable spaces. Our award-winning customer service sets us apart from other window film contractors. Experience the Scottish Difference and discover solutions with a great ROI.  

  • Window Tinting For Your Dallas Commercial Location

    The decision to have the windows of your commercial location tinted is the first step for any commercial property owner or manager to increase the profitability of their location. While the need for window films may vary, the requisite for an experienced installer with strong industry knowledge and even stronger industry partnerships is ubiquitous. An experienced contractor, like us, is necessary for optimum success in your commercial space venture. When you buy Dallas Commercial Window Tinting, a contractor with over a decade of experience, you buy more than just window film–you buy peace of mind.

  • Why Experience Matters

    Regardless of the reasons you decide to buy window tint, the most important part of your decision is who you choose to apply it. Window film is only as durable as the strength of its application. Improperly installed film will chip, crack and peel in short order. So for the highest ROI, the longest life, and best appearance, you should hire the most experienced, respected and reliable window tint installer your money can buy.

  • Dallas' Window Tinting Experts

    You will see exactly why Commercial Window Tinting Dallas is the area’s leading window tint installer from your first inquiry, until the last installer leaves you location. We conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism and are committed to excellence. Also, the sheer volume of window film we have installed over the years sets us apart. When you choose to put your commercial window tinting in our hands, nothing short of a successful installation will follow. We have what it takes to get the job done right the first time, on time, every time. Constant communication and a smooth application process with no downtime for your commercial location, are the hallmarks of our service model and something you can expect from us.

For more information on the applications, process, products and pricing for window tint contact Dallas Commercial Window Tinting today for a free, on-site consultation with one of our window film experts.



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    Window tint for the office spaces in your commercial building is the key to keeping your tenants and their employees comfortable and working hard. Studies show that workers in offices with tinted windows demonstrate increased productivity and decreased absenteeism. This is a winning combination for any business looking to be more profitable. When your tenants make more money, the likelihood of them remaining as tenants increases dramatically–meaning more profit for you. Also, when you focus less on keeping your office building rented out and more on your business venture itself, your profit potential rises significantly.

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    Shoppers who feel comfortable in an environment will spend more time in a store, and most importantly, more money. Studies show a direct correlation between comfort and consumer spending habits.  Consequently, each year, major retailers spend millions to improve the “shopper experience”.  Essentially, they manipulate the store’s environment to encourage shoppers to buy. Window tint on your commercial retail location keeps shoppers comfortable.  It means no more uncomfortable glare or uneven temperatures,  Additionally, it provides filtered, natural light to better display your products in. All of this, while at the same time, protecting your furnishings, products, and clients from the detrimental  UV rays of the sun.

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    People staying in hotels expect a certain level of comfort equal to or above that of their home.  Numerous cases studies show, rooms on the south and southwest sides of a hotel and those on higher floors, are harder to regulate temperature in, due to sun exposure.  This often leads to guest complaints.   Window tint is a fantastic solution to keep your hotel’s rooms, open spaces and dining areas at a comfortable temperature.  In an industry where guest retention can make or break a location, window tinting is necessary to compete.  Additionally, window tint is proven to reduce HVAC maintenance costs, which can be a real concern for hotels trying to turn a profit.

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    People go out to enjoy the hustle and bustle and ambiance of good food in an oftentimes, bright and cheerful place. Tables by the windows at restaurants are coveted since they give diners what they crave–ambiance. However, these seats often go unseated at certain times of the day because they are simply too uncomfortably hot due to heat and glare. Window tint lets restaurant owners give their guests the best of both worlds–plentiful views, at a glare free table. Another popular restaurant application is private or semi-private decorative window tinting. It provides areas with a little extra privacy, while still allowing diners to take in your restaurant’s atmosphere.

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    Schools and Universities:

    A variety of studies show the key to learning is being in a comfortable, distraction-free environment. Students will focus more on the learning material, the teacher, and completing assignments when their attention is divided less by their surroundings. Extreme temperatures and glare are disturbances students don’t need to endure with window tint. It is a proven aid to schools and universities looking to curb student distraction due to the sun’s intense rays. It also reduces HVAC costs– a true win/win for students and taxpayers.

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    Public Buildings:

    By nature of being associated with the government, public buildings are often the target of vandal attacks. Unfortunately, they even invite the threat of much deadlier attacks like those from bombs and guns. In any building, public or private, windows are the proverbial “Achilles Heel”. This is the reason why many public buildings in Dallas and the surrounding areas are deciding to apply security window film on some, or all, of their windows. Security window film is bullet resistant, bomb resistant and is excellent protection against any blunt force trauma.

  • Museums:

    The task of housing, protecting and displaying timeless relics is not easy. In order to responsibly do so, extra care and attention must be given to items that are often hundreds and sometimes thousands of years old. These items are especially vulnerable to environmental corrosion. This is why window tint is a necessary for any establishment charged with the care of invaluable relics. Window tint mitigates the UV damage done by the sun’s rays on artwork, furniture, wood, metal, and stone. However, it still lets in the natural light for an overall better viewing experience.

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    Secure Buildings:

    Window film is often known for its superior tinting qualities–as well it should be. However, there is an entirely different science applied to window tint–security science. This involves making glass windows stronger and more flexible, therefore, better resistant to attack. Now, more than ever, window film is as tough on bullets and bombs as it is on the sun’s harmful rays. While window film for security is a much more involved process than window film for tint, the principles of excellent protection are the same. Security window film is bullet resistant, bomb resistant and is incredibly strong protection against blunt force trauma.


For more information on the applications, process, products and pricing for window tint contact Dallas Commercial Window Tinting today for a free, on-site consultation with one of our window film experts.

For more information on the applications, process, products and pricing for window tint contact Dallas Commercial Window Tinting today for a free, on-site consultation with one of our window film experts.


Energy-Saving Team:

Our Founder and President, Martin Faith, understood the far-reaching benefits of window tinting after applying it to his own home in 2007.  The dramatic savings and dynamic comfort results of the film were so impressive, he decided to add a window tinting branch to his already established and thriving stained glass and siding companies.  This completed the trifecta of home improvement focused properties we call Scottish Group Companies today. Since our establishment 2008, our window tint branch has done nothing but grow.  Commercial Window Tinting Dallas, like our numerous sister companies, is successful, due in large part,  to Martin Faith’s vision and his standards for excellence.  Martin believes the customer comes first,  meaning it is our job to deliver superior customer service in addition to impeccable results.  This is also why we only offer the highest quality window tinting products.

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Martin Faith

For nearly a decade, Mike Kinsey has been selling and installing window tint for commercial buildings in Dallas and across the country in coordination with our home office.  He takes a consultative approach to sales to ensure clients get exactly what they need.  His goal is not to sell any product to anybody rather,  to listen to the individual problems each potential client is having, and then recommend the best product for them. His deep knowledge of every product we carry is priceless and apparent from your first conversation with him. Whether you have a retail space with a single window needing decorative film or a whole office building requiring energy saving film, Mike will help you customize a solution.  He always stays true to our company values of customer service and is a respected and invaluable member of our team.

Profile Picture Dallas
Mike Kinsey


  • 3M: A Brand Commercial Property Owners Can Trust

    3M: A Brand Commercial Property Owners Can Trust

    3M products are used and trusted by most, if not all of the developing world. A household name, they could arguably be the most popular window film brand on the market today–and rightly so- for the last 50 years, 3M has been a major player in the development and refinement of window film products. If fact, this company is directly responsible for some of the major innovations we see in window tint today. Their high standards and rigorous testing results in their window film application holding up to even the most severe of conditions. Overall, it contributes to a better quality of life for people worldwide.

    Commercial Applications For 3M Window Film

    3M window film has deeper implications for commercial business owners. For them, partnering with 3M gives them confidence that the products they apply to their building’s windows will have the promised profit return. Which in today’s, high-stakes market, makes all the difference.

    The benefits for commercial buildings are immense because commercial properties, by far, have the most to gain from it. The buildings are larger, the profit potential is bigger and the responsibility to one’s tenants is higher. In response to today’s emerging market, 3M tint benefits are strong and are more far-reaching than ever before.


  • Vista: Window Film For Your Commercial Location

    Vista Window Film For Your Commercial Location

    Vista Window Film is and has been a major player in the window tinting industry, for as long as window tint has been around. It is a premium brand with incredible staying power in the highly competitive commercial market. Their innovation and the incredible reliability of their products are two of the primary reasons they remain solidly at the top. No matter what need you are looking for window tint to fill, in buildings new or old, Vista is a strong contender for window tint for your commercial space.

    Vista Tint For Energy Savings and Efficiency

    Vista film performs extremely well at keeping temperatures in commercial settings consistent. This enhances the day to day efficiency of a facilities HVAC systems. In fact, windows treated with Vista film show a 75% reduction transferred heat from the sun’s rays the results of which are drastically reduced heating and cooling bills. Energy today is far more expensive than ever and the environmental cost is proving to be much too high to continue paying. Which is why energy conservation is finally coming into its own. Vista Film is a tried and true solution for energy waste and considered a “green” technology. If you are looking for a LEED certification for your building, Vista Window Tint could earn you up to 9 LEED Green Building Certification Credits.


  • A Commercial Window Tint Giant: Llumar

    A Commercial Window Tint Giant: Llumar

    There is no question as to whether or not Llumar is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive, commercial and residential window film products as they are truly a giant in the industry. Over 50 years in the window film industry makes them o one of the longest running film companies on the market today. Which is why Llumar should be a prime consideration for commercial property owners. A combination of high standards and superior product offerings make them a go-to for any commercial investor looking to make more money from their investment.

    Llumar Window Tint For Commercial UV Protection

    Natural light is beneficial to humans; it can also be extremely harmful. Your commercial property will gain all the advantages of the sun while avoiding most detriments. Llumar’s solar window tint allows lets natural light through windows without sacrificing tenant comfort or health because it filters out nearly all of the harmful UV rays in the solar spectrum

    Llumar Window Film Decorative Commercial Applications

    The open floor model of open design comes at the price of privacy. Cutting edge designs and privacy can both be yours with decorative film from Llumar. The decorative film transforms the look of windows, partitions and other smooth glass surfaces, while still providing much-needed cover for private areas. Llumar decorative films offer extreme functionality in a beautiful trendy form.


  • Money Saved With Enerlogic Window Tint

    Money Saved With Enerlogic Window Tint

    Commercial properties are especially vulnerable to skyrocketing utility costs. Energy bills are notorious for quickly diminishing a commercial property’s profit margin. Enerlogic 4 season, Low-E window tint provides excellent energy efficiency all year round and energy consumption savings which rival any brand on the market. The breakthrough conservation technology of Enerlogic Low-E film is extra attractive to our commercial clients because of the tint’s ability to reduce solar heat gain and in doing so reduce utility bills by as much as 20%. For a commercial property, this could add up to millions saved over the years.

    Enerlogic For Maximum Energy Savings

    Energy loss is definitely not a single season problem for commercial properties. Which is why a strong four-season product like Enerlogic means higher overall because it performs all year round. Savings for commercial properties can be as high as 20% of total annual energy expenditures.

    Enerlogic To Lower Operating Costs

    Some of the largest expenditures for a commercial property are on its maintenance and utilities. Enerlogic four season window tint addresses both of these potential profit drainers. In summer, heat gain through windows is drastically reduced when treated with Enerlogic Film. In the winter the film acts as insulation and keeps heat from seeping out. This result in less load on HVAC systems all year long. Not only do you save money on utility bills, you increase the life of your HVAC systems resulting in lowered maintenance and additional savings.


  • Graffiti Shield: Applying Glass Shield to your commercial windows.

    Graffiti Shield:

    The all too common sight of graffiti on your commercial buildings is not only costly for you but could result in loss of tenants and a poor reputation in the community as well. The detrimental effects of graffiti hit your where it hurts–the wallet. It is incredibly expensive to remove, oftentimes requiring the entire affected to be removed and replaced. Graffiti Shield changes the game when it comes to fighting vandals. It covers virtually all exposed areas of a commercial property from glass to metals and mirrors.

    Glass Shield: Applying Glass Shield to your commercial windows, is the ounce of prevention you need to save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs. This invisible, sacrificial coating on glass protects exposed windows from paint, scratch and even acid graffiti.

    Metal Shield: Repairing damage to metal surfaces is virtually impossible to achieve without it looking refinished or repaired. Metal Shield is an Anti-Graffiti film which when applied to the metal surface before they are marked, abates and obscures graffiti. It is available in numerous finishes like Stainless Steel and Brushed Aluminum.


  • Nano Tint: For Unique Commercial Tinting Applications

    Nano Tint For Unique Commercial Tinting Applications

    Nano Tint can best be described as liquid insulation for glass. It is a Window tint technology that works just like the layers of clothes you wear to stay warm–it retains heat and blocks out cold. Unlike other window insulation products, Nano Tint is a liquid thermal insulation coating, not a film. Nano Tint bonds directly to substrates and works best for single-pane glass and polycarbonate surfaces. This offers many benefits for commercial properties with unique features.

    Nano Tint Commercial Window Tinting Benefits

    Nano Tint is different than other window film companies but no less effective. Its application may differ from a film based window products but that doesn’t mean its benefits don’t match those of a film.


  • C-Bond: The Leader In Commercial Window Security

    C-Bond: The Leader In Commercial Window Security

    The strongest protection for windows from natural disasters or man-made attacks and the industry leader in strength and flexibility is C-bond film adhesive. C-bond is scientifically proven to deliver unmatched strength to any commercial location. It protects people and property in and around your commercial building. It is essential to any well-rounded security plan for “soft target” public and government commercial properties especially.

    The Science Of C-bond

    C-bond Technology is the result of years of nano-engineering: the manipulation of atoms and molecules within matter ( in this case glass) for the purposes of yielding a desirable effect. It is water-based but still sturdy enough to reinforce glass and dramatically increase strength, flexibility, and adhesion. These superior properties of C-Bond allow the glass to redistribute force upon impact on the molecular level. While important, the science of C-bond, does not need to be fully understood for you to know that, in the case of a natural disaster or a man-made attack, it will produce the most advanced protection and the highest security for your commercial building.


  • HD Clear: Custom, Decorative Film For Your Commercial Space

    HD Clear: Custom, Decorative Film For Your Commercial Space

    HD Clear is an ultra high-definition decorative window film that can be custom printed for your commercial location to transform windows into statement pieces and add privacy. They lead the industry in color, clarity and customization. HD Clear’s films are known for their stunning array of design choices and their warranty–among other things. It is a smart choice commercial property owners looking for private or semi-private spaces, without sacrificing style.

    The Science Behind HD Clear Decorative Window Films

    HD Clear is a true, optically clear polyester film (PET). They use a unique printing process involving CMYK inks and white inks. Using their proprietary process, they use ink applied in layers which allows graphics to be viewed from one or both sides! This innovative process also lets in natural light while still blocking harmful rays. HD Clear is as durable as it is beautiful and outlasts all traditional vinyl graphic applications to flat glass areas.


  • Solar Gard: is an innovative film and protective coatings

    Solar Gard:

    Solar Gard is an innovative film and protective coatings for commercial windows and performs at the highest level. Like all strong players in the window tint industry, it is geared towards saving commercial property owners money and has a quick ROI. It’s cutting edge visual qualities are notable as well.. For commercial properties it solves a unique set of window problems relating to the sun without sacrificing beauty. Solar Gard’s unique combination of form and functions adds value to your building and has far reaching profit advantages.

    Commercial Window Applications For Solar Gard

    Solar Gard window films are fantastic for a variety of commercial window needs. Their cutting edge products are a solution for many problems for commercial properties related to the sun and privacy. As affordable as it is effective, Solar Gard tints and films are a strong go-to window film for commercial property owners.

    Solar Gard Color Gives You Options

    Solar Gard is a polyester film is dyed with coloring agents. This creates different shades of film: Dyed, Nano, Metalized and Multistack, which means commercial building owners options for clarity and color that other films may not. When it comes to changing, matching or improving the style of your windows with tint- Solar Gard is the clear choice. It offers style, sophistication and most importantly–options. It is still as effective as other window tints on the market offering all of the traditional benefits of window tint.


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