Commercial properties should always prioritize security and safety. Having high standards for these can help minimize liability and poor outcomes. While there are countless security options available, many of them can fall short in certain areas. Natural disasters, explosions, and shootings require more preventative care. Here’s why you should invest in ballistic resistant window film for your Dallas commercial property.

The Benefits of Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Your Dallas Property

  1. Premium security benefits: This specialty security film provides high resistance against numerous threats. Enjoy protection against break-ins, burglaries, severe weather, explosions, natural disasters, freak accidents, gunfire, and more. By bonding broken glass fragments together after an impact, this mitigates broken glass hazards. Broken glass is the leading cause of blast-related death and serious injury.
  2. Ballistic resistance: This technology is the closest thing available to bulletproof glass on the market. By providing resistance against gunfire, this delivers precious time for building occupants to better hide or escape. Ballistic resistance also means bomb blast protection from explosions. This is the only product that does both.
  3. Tactical installations: Tactical installations are available. Get the most out of your security budget by installing specialty security film where you need it. Security centers, administrative offices, etc. are all great options for tactical installations. Our team can provide comprehensive security audits to help you determine property vulnerabilities and tactical installations.

Work With Dallas’ Number One Ballistic Resistant Window Film Contractor

Commercial Window Tinting Dallas is honored to be the number one ballistic resistant window film contractor serving the state of Texas. Our security experts and civil engineers are always available to help you maximize your security efforts. With the largest selection of safety and security films, we guarantee that we have the right investment. For more information regarding specialty security window film, please contact us!