More and more residential properties are beginning to look into security film as the next addition for their home security needs. Residential security is really important in larger cities like Dallas, providing assurance and safety for you and your loved ones. Condos that are located on the first few floors are at a higher risk for burglary and smash-and-grabs. In order to defend these higher risk residential properties, security film is the best option. C-Bond optimizes security film installations.

The Advantages of C-Bond Technology for Your Dallas Condo

C-Bond is a glass strengthening agent that’s often used as the primer for security film. C-Bond is scientifically proven to improve the performance and strength of existing glass as well as window film. By implementing C-Bond in your security film project, you’ll experience optimized results as well as better product longevity. C-Bond is a great addition for any window film project, leading to better cure times and product adhesion. C-Bond actually makes bomb blast and ballistic resistance possible, offering residential properties an opportunity to get the most out of their security film investment. C-Bond utilizes nanotechnology to actually change the molecular structure of existing glass elements, adding strength, durability, and flexibility to your property.

Take Advantage of Dallas’ Number One Source for C-Bond Glass Strengthening Agent

Commercial Window Tinting Dallas is honored to be the number one source for C-Bond glass strengthening agent. We actually use C-Bond in all of our residential and commercial window film projects in order to optimize results. Experience the best in security window film for your condo or residential property– we’re happy to create custom security plans based on your property needs. Energy efficient, UV protection, and privacy are all benefits that can be included with security film.

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