Schools are unfortunately a popular target among domestic attacks, making it a nationwide epidemic. Dallas schools are always looking for effective means of safety that are also within strict school budgeting. While security systems are vital, they can often be out-of-budget and are incapable of providing the comprehensive, preventative protection required for students and teachers. Bomb blast protection window film delivers this budget-conscious solution that supports preventative security.

Benefits of Bomb Blast Protection Window Film for Your Dallas School

Bomb blast protection window film is comprised of multiple layers of security film, a glass strengthening agent, and attachment system. This passive security system serves as a proactive measure that delivers preventative safety care that’s unavailable with traditional security systems. Bomb blast protection window film works by absorbing the shockwave from high impact events in order to keep broken glass fragments within the frame. Did you know that broken glass and flying debris are the leading causes of blast-related deaths and significant injury? Mitigating these hazards keep your Dallas students and staff safe from explosions, gunfire, break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, freak accidents, and more. If an assailant tries to gain access to your property, bomb blast film buys you extra time so that you can escape or better hide until the police arrive.

Installation Process for Bomb Blast Protection Window Film in Dallas Schools

Commercial Window Tinting Dallas is happy to offer free security assessments for schools across the Dallas area. We can define the most vulnerable areas of your campus while learning more about your goals and challenges. We perform discreet, timely installs for added protection and minimized downtime. Our large inventory of bomb blast film can also promote energy efficiency, UV protection, and more.

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