Bomb Blast Protection Window Film for Dallas Commercial Properties

Dallas commercial properties searching for premium security benefits can save potential lives and lower the rate of significant injury by installing bomb blast window film. This specialty film provides extensive coverage against numerous threats that your property can face at any given time.

About Bomb Blast Window Film

Bomb blast systems are comprised of multiple layers of security film, an attachment system, and a glass strengthening agent. This powerful combination absorbs the shockwave from high impact events, ensuring all glass fragments remain attached to your window or door frame. In the event of an explosion or natural disaster, bomb blast film protects building occupants and valuables from significant harm.

Bomb Blast Window Film Benefits for Your Dallas Commercial Property

Bomb blast delivers great security benefits that are applicable for properties across any industry:

  • Mitigate broken glass and flying debris hazards
  • Provide UV protection for your property
  • Cleanup is made easy leading to less operational downtime after an event
  • Passive security that offers 24/7 protection
  • Can be strategically installed for economic efficiency

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