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Commercial Applications For 3M Window Filming in Dallas
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3M products are used and trusted by most, if not all of the developing world. A household name, they could arguably be the most popular window film brand on the market today–and rightly so- for the last 50 years, 3M has been a major player in the development and refinement of window film products. If fact, this company is directly responsible for some of the major innovations we see in window tint today. Their high standards and rigorous testing results in their window film application holding up to even the most severe of conditions. Overall, it contributes to a better quality of life for people worldwide.

Commercial Applications For 3M Window Film

3M window film has deeper implications for commercial business owners. For them, partnering with 3M gives them confidence that the products they apply to their building’s windows will have the promised profit return. Which in today’s, high-stakes market, makes all the difference.
The benefits for commercial buildings are immense because commercial properties, by far, have the most to gain from it. The buildings are larger, the profit potential is bigger and the responsibility to one’s tenants is higher. In response to today’s emerging market, 3M tint benefits are strong and are more far-reaching than ever before.

Lower Energy Costs With 3M Window Tint

3M films act as a layer of insulation eliminating the loss of hot and cold air through windows. When the heated or cooled air in your building stays in, instead of seeping out, energy bills drop dramatically. In turn, this also reduces the load on HVAC systems, resulting in minimal HVAC maintenance, and lower operating costs.

Increased Tenant Comfort & Retention With 3M Window Film

Studies show tenants who are more comfortable in the space they rent, tend to stay tenants longer. 3M Window tint keeps temperatures in your tenant’s office space even and true to the temperature the thermostat is set to. Additionally, this increases the productivity in the office, which ostensibly, increases their profit as well. A profitable tenant is always a good thing for a commercial property owner.

A Safer Commercial Environment With 3M Window Film

3M film is used to increase the strength and flexibility of glass and keeps in from exploding upon impact. Typically this is done in coordination with advanced adhesion products that work on the molecular level. This combo offers commercial spaces protection from accidents, natural disasters, break and entry and even bomb blasts–a must have for any sensitive or soft target location.

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