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Vista Window Film is and has been a major player in the window tinting industry, for as long as window tint has been around. It is a premium brand with incredible staying power in the highly competitive commercial market. Their innovation and the incredible reliability of their products are two of the primary reasons they remain solidly at the top. No matter what need you are looking for window tint to fill, in buildings new or old, Vista is a strong contender for window tint for your commercial space.

Vista Tint For Energy Savings and Efficiency

Vista film performs extremely well at keeping temperatures in commercial settings consistent. This enhances the day to day efficiency of a facilities HVAC systems. In fact, windows treated with Vista film show a 75% reduction transferred heat from the sun’s rays the results of which are drastically reduced heating and cooling bills. Energy today is far more expensive than ever and the environmental cost is proving to be much too high to continue paying. Which is why energy conservation is finally coming into its own. Vista Film is a tried and true solution for energy waste and considered a “green” technology. If you are looking for a LEED certification for your building, Vista Window Tint could earn you up to 9 LEED Green Building Certification Credits.

Block The Glare But Keep The View With Vista

Vista premium UV Window Tint is scientifically proven to provide one of the highest levels of UVA and UVB protection, helping protect the tenants and employees of your commercial building. By blocking up to 99.9% of the sun’s harmful rays, it also keeps your furnishings, rugs, and fabrics from fading, extending their life and saving you money on replacements. It even filters out the sun’s pesky glare, without any loss of clarity in your commercial building’s windows. The days of constantly opening and closing blinds so you can see your computer screen are a thing of the past! With Visa film, your windows remain free from clutter and you are free to enjoy the view without a glare and in a temperature controlled environment.

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