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There is no question as to whether or not Llumar is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive, commercial and residential window film products as they are truly a giant in the industry. Over 50 years in the window film industry makes them o one of the longest running film companies on the market today. Which is why Llumar should be a prime consideration for commercial property owners. A combination of high standards and superior product offerings make them a go-to for any commercial investor looking to make more money from their investment.

Llumar Window Tint For Commercial UV Protection

Natural light is beneficial to humans; it can also be extremely harmful. Your commercial property will gain all the advantages of the sun while avoiding most detriments. Llumar’s solar window tint allows lets natural light through windows without sacrificing tenant comfort or health because it filters out nearly all of the harmful UV rays in the solar spectrum

Llumar Window Film Decorative Commercial Applications

The open floor model of open design comes at the price of privacy. Cutting edge designs and privacy can both be yours with decorative film from Llumar. The decorative film transforms the look of windows, partitions and other smooth glass surfaces, while still providing much-needed cover for private areas. Llumar decorative films offer extreme functionality in a beautiful trendy form.

Llumar Security Window Film For Commercial Buildings

Llumar security films come in varying degrees of strengths and attractive exterior finishes. Once installed, safety and security film protect against attacks and blunt force traumas to windows from both man-made and natural threats. It will maintain the physical integrity of your windows and protect the valuable lives and property behind them. When you buy Llumar, you buy more than just protection–you buy peace of mind.

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