Safety and Security Film– for Your Dallas Office or Retail Space

Experience premium security benefits with safety and security window film. Security film can protect your tenants, building occupants, and valuables against a multitude of threats. From natural disasters to explosions, attacks, burglaries, and freak accidents, safety and security film can save you hundreds from injuries, aftermath clean up, and replacement furniture and product costs. This cost-effective safety solution can also help Dallas commercial property owners save money on energy costs with solar rejection and UV blocking properties.

Security Film for Your Dallas Retail Space

Safety and security window film has great benefits for your Dallas retail space. Security film can help deter smash-and-grab burglaries while consistently protecting your store from the unknown. This revolutionary film bonds glass together, giving building occupants precious time to escape or hide if an intruder or burglar is trying to gain access to your property. Security film’s UV blocking properties also prolongs your product life and prevents discoloration or fading of display merchandise. You’ll also save on energy costs, making security film a great ROI.

Security Film for Your Dallas Office Space

Safety and security window film can offer a multitude of premium benefits for Dallas offices. Security film mitigates broken glass hazards, the biggest contributor to significant injury and blast-related deaths. Since it bonds broken glass fragments together, that means relatively no downtime for your office after any event. Security film also offers the capability of blocking out up to 99.9% of UV rays which are responsible for fading floors, discoloring furniture, premature aging, and potential eye and skin disease. With added solar rejection qualities, you can improve office comfortability by creating a more consistent internal temperature. By saving money on energy costs and heightening employee productivity, security film is a multi-functional, wonderful ROI.

Security Film Protects Against:

Protect tenants, clients, and building valuables from natural disasters. Security film mitigates broken glass and flying debris hazards, minimizing injuries and clean-up time.

Defend against burglars and intruders. Security film protects the most vulnerable parts of any Dallas office or retail space– the glass doors and windows. Deter smash-and-grab burglaries, while prolonging your glasses’ life.

Plan for the unforeseen. Accidents happen all the time. Safeguard building occupants, furniture, and valuables against any broken glass hazards.

Block out up to 99.9% of UV rays responsible for fading floors, discoloring furniture, distorting art, shortening product life, premature aging, as well as potential eye disease and significant skin concerns.

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