Running any commercial property tends to result in high energy costs. With typically larger spaces and longer occupied hours, energy costs are always considerable. Lowering your energy costs is definitely achievable with the right energy efficiency solution. A great way to start this process is beginning with an energy audit of your Dallas commercial property. With that energy audit, you’ll be able to make the most informed decision regarding window film installation based on projected savings.

Energy Audit Process for Your Dallas Property

The energy audit process begins with a comprehensive review of your energy usage. This requires past utility bills as well as current in order to understand all of your energy habits and property needs. Our energy efficiency expert will also complete an on-site assessment of your commercial property. This gives us a better understanding of building orientation and other factors that may affect your specific energy usage. Based on this in-person assessment as well as all of your energy data, our specialist will create the personalized window film recommendations. We then submit all of your energy usage data to each of the window film manufacturers so they can offer specific projected savings based on each recommended product.

Advantages of Energy Efficient Window Film in Dallas Properties

Based on the provided money saving projections, commercial property owners can make the best decisions for their building. Window film also delivers great UV blocking capabilities, glare reduction properties, numerous privacy options, and different aesthetics to transform the exterior of your building. Energy efficient window film also optimizes comfort and eliminates hot/cold spots, making tenants and building occupants happy. With fast installations and great affordability, commercial property owners will appreciate this great ROI.

For more information regarding energy efficient window film and energy audits for your Dallas commercial property, please contact us!