Tempered Glass For Dallas Commercial Properties

There is no question whether or not commercial property ownership has its benefits. One of the foremost being, you can make good money from them and they will, usually, only get more valuable as time goes on. They are a great way to make supplemental income and, for many who have been in the commercial real estate game a while, they are probably part of their overall plan for retirement. However, one major issue in commercial real estate, that could drastically reduce your potential profits is–liability for accidents and mishaps. In order to prevent litigation, you must make sure your property adheres to any and all codes set forth by the city and state. One such safety code that is essential but expensive is for the mandate for tempered glass in new buildings or old. However, security window film can be a cost-effective alternative that will leave more money in your pocket!

Security Window Film– A Tempered Glass Alternative For Your Dallas Commercial Property

Tempered glass is “shatterproof” and put in homes and commercial buildings for the sake of keeping people safe from falling or exploding glass shards that happen in the event of an impact. Unlike normal glass, tempered glass breaks into tiny harmless tiny pieces. New buildings and old buildings alike must have tempered glass in certain high-risk areas like showers, balconies, and doors and for good reason–the public must be kept safe. However, the cost of installing tempered glass can be sky-high. One good way to work around the immense cost of custom tempered glass is simple–install safety window film instead. The difference in cost is monumental! Security window film costs 50%-75% less and will keep glass in place should a high-velocity impact occur. It also is suitable to pass any inspection from the city or state when it is used in place of tempered glass. For any area window film is a simple cost effective tempered glass replacement: bathrooms, stair cases, and balconies.

If you need a tempered glass retrofit or new tempered glass in your Dallas commercial property but don’t want to spend a fortune on it, contact Dallas Commercial Window Tinting today and find out the very best, cost effective tempered glass alternative–safety and security film.

Mike Kinsey has been performing window film installs in the Dallas metropolitan area for the past ten years. After years of working in the construction industry as a project manager, Mike obtained a position at Commercial Window Tinting Dallas and is now the company's Operations Manager. Mike brings a unique perspective and wealth of knowledge to every project. His extensive knowledge of security, energy efficiency, and privacy film gives him the ability to implement the ideal solution for nearly any commercial property, regardless of the size, age, or architectural composition. Over the years, Mike has received extensive training and has attended numerous seminars and professional development courses held by industry's top professionals. He is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education and is trusted by property owners all throughout the Dallas area and the state of Texas.