Historic buildings are beautiful and important to a city’s culture. They’re stock full of character and unique features and contain stories of lives past and present, a link connecting two time periods together. However, the downside of historic buildings is that they often lack insulation, leading to high utility costs for the owners.

Installing replacement windows is usually not an option for remedying this issue. Unfortunately, today’s windows have too modern of a look and just don’t mesh well with architectural styles of older times. That’s why window film is a choice that makes sense for historic buildings in Dallas. Window film costs a fraction of the price of window replacement and does not alter important aesthetic details of historic architecture.

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How Window Film Improves Energy Efficiency

Window film can help improve the energy efficiency of historic buildings in Dallas without requiring window replacement. Window film can easily be applied to historic glass, even if it’s bent or textured. And it can be cut into virtually any shape, which makes it easy to retrofit existing windows.

Once in place, the film helps boost the insulating power of aged glass. It prevents heat from transmitting through the glass panes, keeping it outdoors during the summer and trapping it within during the chilly times of the year, like the winter and the rainy season in Dallas.

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ROI for Window Film Vs Window Replacement

Another benefit of opting for window film is that the ROI is far superior to window replacement. Because replacement windows are so expensive, they almost never provide a full payback within the time of ownership.

Window film, on the other hand, provides an extremely rapid ROI. On average, it takes only a quick three years to receive full payback from a window film installation. And the film can last seven years after that, allowing you to continue reaping the benefits of energy savings.

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