Are you looking for affordable, effective security options to improve safety of your Dallas commercial property? Did you know that safety and security window film can provide comprehensive protection against a multitude of threats? Ballistic resistant window film offers heightened protection against the unknown even when you’re not present at your property. Protect building occupants, customers, and employee members with ballistic resistant window film.

Ballistic Resistant Window Film Benefits for Your Dallas Commercial Property

There unfortunately isn’t bulletproof glass or bulletproof window film available on the market yet. Ballistic resistant window film is the closest thing available, providing moderate protection against gunfire and mitigating broken glass hazards which is the leading cause of blast-related death and significant injury. Ballistic resistant window film provides 24/7 protection against gunfire, natural disasters, explosions, break-ins, burglaries, freak accidents, and much more. Window film prolongs your glass’ life by adding durability and flexibility even after impact. Your guests and employees will thank you for protecting them against unknown threats, allowing them to feel comfortable at all times.

Ballistic Resistant Window Film Installation for You Dallas Commercial Property

Commercial Window Tinting Dallas begins every security film project with an extensive, in-depth threat assessment. The threat assessment is completed by our security experts and civil engineers. This assessment determines individualized building needs, top 10 most vulnerable access points, as well as a cost-benefits analysis for Dallas commercial property owners. In this assessment, we also determine if any attachment systems and/or glass strengtheners or primers are required or recommended. Our local team of window film contractors guarantee a quick installation process that limits all unnecessary downtime, making sure your business is up and running as soon as possible.

For more information our regarding ballistic resistant window film and attachment systems for your Dallas commercial property, please contact us or call: (972) 665-7462