Privacy can be a hard thing to come by in today’s busy world, especially when working in an office. Office buildings that are set up in a traditional honeycomb or cubicle style leave little room for privacy. Additionally, since most of the exterior walls of office buildings are made of glass, it’s easy for people outside on the street to see into offices, which can be a serious security issue, especially if there is valuable or expensive equipment inside.

One way that office managers in Garland can solve this issue is with privacy window film. Privacy window film provides a way to close off exterior and interior spaces without blocking out the light. But how do you know which privacy window film is right for your office when there are so many brands to choose from?

custom decorative privacy window film

How to Choose Privacy Window Film

One of the most important things to consider when selecting a privacy window film for your office is quality. While a cheap window film may seem like a tempting solution, you have to think about how your selection will perform in the face of heat, rain, and wind. Cheap window films tend not only to break down faster, but they don’t perform as well when it comes to their uv and heat blocking capabilities either.

Once you’ve found a high quality window film, the next thing to consider is aesthetics. Do you want your window film to have a standard tinted or reflective look? Or are you planning to use it on an interior space and are therefore interested in something with a little more color or style? These are all important points to consider.

Why 3M Privacy Window Film?

One of the brands that we recommend the most for Garland offices is 3M Window Film. 3M Window Films are known for being durable, energy efficient, and versatile. They essentially combine the best of window tinting technology with beautiful aesthetics. These window films let in natural light while transforming plain glass surfaces into elegant works of art.

Additionally, there are tons of different styles of 3M Window Film that business owners can choose from. 3M Window Films are available in dusted and frosted styles as well as many different elegant patterns and textures. With 3M, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing aesthetics for quality.

Explore Window Film Options for Your Garland Office

Find the perfect look and solution for your office today. Call Commercial Window Tinting Dallas to discover different looks for your Garland office and explore the many privacy window films available for your space!

Mike Kinsey has been performing window film installs in the Dallas metropolitan area for the past ten years. After years of working in the construction industry as a project manager, Mike obtained a position at Commercial Window Tinting Dallas and is now the company's Operations Manager. Mike brings a unique perspective and wealth of knowledge to every project. His extensive knowledge of security, energy efficiency, and privacy film gives him the ability to implement the ideal solution for nearly any commercial property, regardless of the size, age, or architectural composition. Over the years, Mike has received extensive training and has attended numerous seminars and professional development courses held by industry's top professionals. He is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education and is trusted by property owners all throughout the Dallas area and the state of Texas.