Metal Restoration for Dallas Commercial Properties

Metal surfaces are common among Dallas commercial properties. These metal surfaces range from elevators to signage and are often prone to vandalism and everyday wear-and-tear. While metal surfaces can easily become scratched or damaged in high foot traffic areas, it’s not as easy to repair or replace them. Many of these surfaces can’t be removed or require expensive costs in order to repair them. Metal restoration utilizes specialty surface film in order to protect your expensive investments and help Dallas commercial property owners save drastically.

About Metal Restoration

Metal restoration utilizes a specialty surface film called Metal Shield, which is engineered by Graffiti Shield. This innovative film comes in many different finishes in order to match your original surface. By hiding any existing damage, your metal surfaces will be presented in their original state. Metal Shield is durable enough to withstand acid etching and other means of vandalism, absorbing all the impact and damage in order to keep your metal surfaces damage free.

Benefits of Metal Restoration for Your Dallas Commercial Property

Metal restoration offers various benefits for Dallas commercial property owners:

  • Sacrificial layer that’s only replaced if damaged
  • Strong enough for long-term application
  • Mimics the appearance of your original surfaces
  • Protects against further damage
  • Presents the best image of your establishment at all times
  • Saves commercial property owners considerable amounts in repair and replacement

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