Window Tinting Applications for Dallas Schools & Universities

Schools and universities throughout the Dallas area have many window tinting applications. From safety and security to energy efficiency, schools have a lot of benefits to choose from. Security film is becoming more and more popular among schools across the nation and is often a necessity in many school districts. Our large selection of commercial window film products can help your school save money, improve student testing, heighten productivity among staff and students, and much more.

commercial security film dallas

Safety and Security for Dallas Schools and Universities

Security film can save potential lives and reduce considerable injury among Dallas schools and universities. This durable film absorbs the shockwave from high impact events, providing comprehensive protection against explosions, break-ins, burglaries, gunfire, freak accidents, and natural disasters. This passive security system provides around-the-clock protection by mitigating broken glass hazards. Prepare for the unknown with security film.

Daylight Redirecting Window Film in Dallas Schools and Universities

Daylight redirecting film can redirect natural light as deep as 40 feet into Dallas schools and universities. Studies have shown that daylight redirecting window film can actually improve student testing, decrease absentee rates, and heighten staff and student productivity. Daylight redirecting film also lowers lighting costs, helping schools save on their energy bill.

Glare Reduction Window Film for Dallas Schools and Universities

Glare can extremely inhibit productivity among students and teachers among classrooms, computer labs, and libraries. Glare reduction window film reduces glare and in turn eliminates headaches, eye fatigue, and squinting. Optimize productivity and comfort in any Dallas school or university.

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