As more and more homes and businesses throughout the Dallas area experience elevated theft and burglary rates, it’s significant for property owners to find functional solutions that help alleviate this issue. Security systems are becoming more and more popular due to high property crime rates, but these systems are often not cheap, require human interface, and depend on security call centers. Security window film provides the extensive protection many residents are looking for as a cost-effective solution.

Benefits of Safety and Security Film for Your Dallas Business or Home

Safety and security film differs from other security systems due to its nature as being a passive system that doesn’t require human interface or need to be turned on. Security film provides 24/7 invisible protection from smash-and-grab burglaries and other various threats many Dallas businesses and homes face. Security film prolongs your existing glass surfaces’ lifespan by bonding glass fragments together even after a high impact event. The result is assailants having a difficult time entering your premises, being able to smash-and-grab, and more. Additional response time is given to building occupants who can better hide or escape until first responders arrive on scene. Security film also defends properties from natural disasters, hail, high-speed winds, freak accidents, and much more.

Installation Process for Safety and Security Film in Dallas Businesses and Homes

Commercial Window Tinting Dallas has completed hundreds of commercial and residential security film installations across the Dallas area. Our security experts begin each process with a free on-site consultation to determine individual project needs and challenges as well as proper product recommendations. Finding the right security film thickness, attachment system, and glass strengtheners makes all the difference in a successful security film installation.

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