Anti-Graffiti Film for Dallas Commercial Properties

Dallas commercial properties understand how difficult it can be to keep up with vandalism repairs. As many more different mediums and surfaces are becoming popular for vandals, it can become financially burdensome for business owners. Anti-graffiti film enables high savings while allowing Dallas businesses and commercial properties the ability to consistently present the right image to customers and guests. Anti-graffiti film is available for numerous surface types as long as they’re smooth and nonporous.

About Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-graffiti film is a specialty surface film that serves as a sacrificial layer for Dallas commercial properties. This surface film works by concealing existing damage while protecting against any further vandalism efforts or everyday wear-and-tear. Once damaged, the film is easy to remove and replace by a professional window film contractor. Instead of having to repair or replace expensive surfaces, the film is the only thing that needs to be replaced.

Anti-Graffiti Film Benefits

Anti-graffiti film has a multitude of benefits that can really help Dallas commercial property owners save money:

  • Mimics the appearance of the original surface
  • Available in mirrored, metal, and glass finishes
  • Custom printing available for nontraditional surfaces
  • Strong enough to withstand acid etching
  • Can prevent natural corrosion on mirrors
  • Easy to remove and replace by window film contractors
  • Tamperproof to the general public

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