UV Blocking Window Film for Dallas Homes and Businesses

Homes and businesses throughout the Dallas area are all exposed to UV radiation. These harmful UV rays are responsible for the permanent damage found among your floors, furniture, upholstery, art, display merchandise, and much more. UV blocking window film can protect your interior valuables in addition to defending building occupant health.

About UV Blocking Window Film

UV blocking window film is capable of blocking out up to 99.9% of UV rays. This is comparable to protecting your Dallas home or business with SPF 1000. UV blocking window film presents many benefits for both residential and commercial applications. From significant savings to health benefits, UV blocking window film delivers the protection you need.

UV Blocking Window Film Benefits for Dallas Residential and Commercial Properties

UV blocking window film has endless benefits that Dallas residential and commercial properties can fully benefit from:

  • Significant savings from fade protection
  • Prolong the quality and lifespan of flooring, furniture, art, etc.
  • Protect building occupants from significant health concerns
  • Enjoy added benefits of energy efficiency and glare reduction
  • Maintain visible light transmissions

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