Mass transit systems throughout the Dallas area often feature many metal surfaces that encompass signage, escalators, elevators, and many more. Metal signage that displays transit routes, promotional items, etc. can fall victim to vandalism efforts even more due their higher availability and location in higher foot traffic areas. Repairing these signs is definitely harder than it looks presenting high costs that are undesirable to mass transit system owners. Metal restoration is a high-performing service that can restore the most damaged metal surfaces in your Dallas mass transit system.

Benefits of Metal Restoration for Your Dallas Mass Transit System

Metal restoration can conceal any existing damage among Dallas mass transit system signage. The applications aren’t only limited to metal signs, but can also restore elevators, escalators, and virtually any metal surface. This specialty surface film is available in numerous finishes to ensure a perfect match to your original surface. Metal restoration takes these specialty films and applies them to damaged surfaces in order to conceal damage while defending the surface from further damage. This layer of invisible protection is durable enough to withstand acid etching, maintaining a great impression of your mass transit system at all times. Metal restoration ultimately helps mass transit owners save on repair costs.

Installation Process for Metal Restoration in Dallas Mass Transit Systems

We understand that many people rely on mass transit systems to get around Dallas, making it our priority to ensure minimized operational downtime for any metal restoration project we do. Commercial Window Tinting Dallas has in-depth experience in restoring metal signage in addition to all other metal surfaces that may be present within your mass transit system. Once the surface film is damaged, we’re happy to remove and replace it.

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