As humans, we depend on animals in many ways, including the production of food, clothes, and other goods. When an animal population diminishes, it not only affects the environment, but also our daily lives as well. That’s why the issue of bird collisions needs to be put to an end.

In case you haven’t heard, bird collisions are ghastly accidents that occur when birds fly unknowingly into the glass panes of windows and doors. These untimely deaths are both painful and sudden, and highly unnecessary. They’re the results of humans invading bird’s natural habitat and erecting numerous commercial and residential structures.

The good news is, if we all do our part, we can drastically reduce the number of bird collisions that happen each year in Dallas. With bird collisions prevention window films, we can keep Dallas’ birds safe and prevent deadly glass collisions.

How Do Bird Collision Prevention Window Films Work?

Bird collision prevention window films are special glass laminates designed to make windows more visible so that birds don’t fly into them. The reason that birds crash into windows is because the glass is clear and they cannot see it. They either see nothing at all or a reflection of their surroundings, both of which look like safe spots to fly.

Bird collision prevention window films use patterns, reflective strips, and perforated markings to make glass areas more distinct and easier for birds to recognize. Instead of seeing an open patch of sky, birds see the gleaming patterns on the surface of the window and realize that they need to fly around it, not through it.

Benefits of Bird Window Decals for Businesses

Bird window decals, also known as fritted window film, are a great investment for any business. Not only do they help prevent bird collisions but they also:

  • Prevent human collisions with glass. Fritted window films are an excellent choice for elevated pedestrian walkways, glass walls, and glass conference rooms.
  • Give brands a positive reputation as being environmentally friendly and trustworthy.
  • Improve the energy efficiency of single pane windows, saving money on heating and cooling costs.
  • Of course, these are just a few reasons to invest in bird collision prevention window films for your Dallas business. To get the full details, check out this brochure: bird-collision-prevention-window-film-dallas

    Install Bird Safety Film for your Dallas Property

    Be part of the effort to stop bird collisions in Dallas! Call Commercial Window Tinting Dallas today to order bird collision prevention window film.

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