Did you know that about a billion birds die each year from flying into buildings across the world? That’s definitely an alarming number and as a Dallas resident, you’re sure to have noticed bird fatalities from crashing into office buildings and high-rises. This epidemic can take a serious toll on our ecosystem in addition to contributing to high repair and replacement costs. Bird strike prevention film helps eliminate this problem while helping you save considerably.

Benefits of Bird Strike Prevention Film for Dallas Office Buildings

Bird strike prevention film is an innovative architectural film designed for commercial properties that are prone to bird strike. Birds often don’t see high-rise buildings due to their reflectivity that mimics open skies. This causes a serious bird fatality epidemic that’s paired with high maintenance and repair fees. By installing bird strike prevention film, Dallas commercial property owners can help save bird lives in addition to considerable savings and minimized cleanup times. Bird strike prevention film features printed patterned decals throughout your commercial property so that birds can see that your building is there and avoid it.

Installation Process for Bird Strike Prevention Film in Your Dallas Office Building

Commercial Window Tinting Dallas is the leading source for bird strike prevention window film. Our team has completed numerous bird strike window film projects throughout the Dallas area, helping commercial property owners save considerably on maintenance and replacement fees. We have the larges collection of bird strike prevention films with multiple, different decal features and aesthetics so that you’re building won’t have to sacrifice curb appeal for bird strike prevention. We always focus on minimizing operational downtime for any commercial project, guaranteeing a worry-free installation process. We utilize only the best glass primers and adhesives to guarantee improved product life.

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