There’s nothing more precious than seeing a baby bird in its nest. When they’re little, birds’ feathers are still soft and fluffy and they depend on their mothers for everything since they can’t yet fly. They’re nothing short of adorable.

Now imagine that in three years, that little baby bird is all grown up. And one day it’s flying in the sky and it suddenly collides with the glass pane of a high rise building. It’s not a pretty picture, is it?

Unfortunately, this scenario is a reality and something that happens every day here in Dallas. That’s why we need bird strike prevention window film for our high rise buildings and offices.

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Bird Strike Prevention Window Film, Explained

We know what you’re thinking – what in the world is bird strike prevention window film? That’s a great question. Bird strike prevention film, or bird safety window film, is a special type of glass laminate designed to protect birds by preventing glass collisions.

Each year, millions of birds lose their lives from colliding into glass. Birds can’t tell the difference between a reflection and actual sky. They fly right into office windows without even realizing what they’re doing. And the majority die as a result.

Bird strike prevention window film can stop this from happening in Dallas. These films use subtle designs, markings, and perforations to make windows more obvious to birds. That way, birds can avoid them and stay safe.

Benefits of Installing Bird Safety Window Film

Installing bird strike prevention window film gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you’re maintaining a bird-safe environment. Additionally, it can be a beneficial move for your business because:

  • It shows your customers you care – People want to support businesses that care about the world and the environment. This kind of compassionate move also shows your customers that your business is run by real people and instills trust.
  • Green marketing – Installing bird strike window film allows you to market yourself as an environmentally friendly business
  • Improved safety – Bird strike prevention window film can also prevent human accidents as well as bird collisions.
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