Dallas commercial buildings are always on the lookout for ways that not only heighten tenant retention but are also cost-effective. While window replacement is usually a necessity for these older properties, this large restoration requires a lot of time and money. Exterior resurfacing is an excellent alternative to window replacement that offers significant benefits in addition to aiding in heightened tenant retention.

Benefits of Exterior Resurfacing for Your Dallas Commercial Building

Exterior resurfacing promotes a multitude of benefits that can lead to a higher tenant retention rate. Your tenants will seriously appreciate the improved aesthetics and functionality of your commercial building. Window film presents a solution that unifies all your windows as well as conceals any damage or outdated appearance they may have. Energy efficient window film enables high-cost savings, a more comfortable interior environment, and therefore, happier tenants. Energy efficient window film also has the included benefits of UV protection and glare reduction, offering great sun protection optimized comfort for any Dallas commercial building. Exterior resurfacing also incorporates spandrel painting to ensure a pristine, uniform look. This premium service can drastically improve your property on so many levels at a fraction of the cost of window replacement.

Installation Process for Exterior Resurfacing for Dallas Commercial Buildings

Exterior resurfacing is a big project depending on how many windows your Dallas commercial building has. We’ve completed this process for numerous commercial properties and are happy to provide a free on-site consultation in order to discover your goals, requirements, and challenges. We promote fast, worry-free installation processes in order to ensure your commercial property doesn’t experience any unnecessary operational downtime. Our large inventory of window films ensures you’ll find the right investment for your property.

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