Dallas businesses, commercial properties, and residential properties can all experience cases of robberies and theft. Dallas definitely has a higher property crime statistic than the rest of the nation due to its larger population. Finding a cost-effective solution that deters burglaries can seem daunting especially with so many different security systems available on the market. Unfortunately, when it comes to smash-and-grab burglaries, security systems don’t always deter these incidents due to the quickness of the crime. Security film provides an excellent deterrence for smash-and-grabs and is budget-friendly.

Benefits of Safety and Security Film for Dallas Properties

Safety and security film is highly applicable for both residential and commercial properties throughout the Dallas area. Security film is great for deterring smash-and-grab robberies since burglars have a significantly more difficult time actually gaining access to your property. The amount of noise and time it takes for them to actually penetrate your glass is deterrence enough– and this precious time gives building occupants the opportunity to hide or escape until the police arrive on scene. Security film provides invisible, around-the-clock protection from numerous threats including natural disasters, break-ins, freak accidents, and much more. Security film is also available with different option benefits including UV protection and solar rejection, delivering savings and comfort.

Installation Process for Safety and Security Film for Your Dallas Property

Dallas Commercial Window Tinting always provides a free on-site consultation in order to learn more about your security project. This consultation analyzes vulnerable points, product recommendations, project goals, and more. We perform highly discreet installations that minimize all operational downtime so that you can experience the security benefits immediately. We always use C-Bond glass strengthening agent for all security projects to improve cure times and enhance glass strength and flexibility.

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